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The Civic Prime has been developed with residential and commercial needs in mind. Hence, you can expect world-class amenities to ensure that you can capitalize on the home office style of living that was introduced by Filinvest. With over 200 units available, this 10-storey building is equipped with basic to advanced building features and facilities that meet the modern standard.

The modern amenities available starts off with a 24-hour security system that includes CCTV camera installations on select common areas and roving security personnel. You can expect the same level of security for both commercial and residential buildings. You can therefore enjoy peace of mind knowing that unauthorized personnel are kept out of the building premises. There are more safety and security features available throughout the building such as two fire escape routes, fire alarm system, automatic fire and smoke detector, fire safety system, pressurized stairs (to protect during cases of fire), and an automatic sprinkler system.

A separate building administration office is available on-site to ensure that the needs of the unit owners and tenants are met. For your other needs, there is a main lobby area with a receptionist to facilitate your needs. There is a separate lobby commercial retail and office units and for the small office home units. The commercial and retail establishments available in this building have individual access from the street level. Hence, there is no need to enter the building’s main lobby in order to shop from these retail establishments, providing added convenience. Meanwhile, the entire building features an integrated multi-level basement parking. This ensures that your vehicles are safely parked within the building premises.

To ensure comfort and convenience for the unit owners, there are high-speed elevators available at the building. There are 2 elevators for the small office home units and 1 elevator for the commercial retail and office units. There is also adequate load provision for the entire building to ensure the stability of the electrical power, especially considering that the units can be used for commercial or office purposes. Aside from the electrical power source, there is also a provision for adequate telephone lines for every single unit. Hence, you can guarantee that telephone services are available upon request. The same goes with the cable TV system.

In addition to the electrical, cable and telephone lines, a standby generator is available for the entire building. This is to ensure that the common areas will have access to standby power in the case of an electric blackout. The same goes with the water supply; there is an underground and overhead water tanks to ensure consistent water supply.

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All units within Civic Prime are designated their individual units at its own mail room. Each unit is designated its own spot at the individual mailboxes. Other features and amenities available for each unit include provisions for office partitions and pantry (for those opting to use the units for commercial office purposes). The commercial retail units available here are also built with provision for common toilet facilities and executive toilets (for office units). The office level units are also built with a toilet for the handicapped.

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